My parents escaped from [Nazi] Germany. ‘Never again’ was always understood by me to mean never again for anyone. Speaking as a Jew, [what’s happening in Palestine] is a shonde. We’re driven by our tradition that says, ‘you shall not stand idly by,’ and we won’t stand idly by. I was shot at and arrested for principles of equal rights. I want a state where Israelis and Palestinians are safe [with] equal rights for all.
So Listen– It’s Not Religious Discrimination Just Because You Can’t Discriminate.

I can’t help but think how self centered we’re going to look when we get to heaven and go through the awkward introductions in the persecuted section:

“Hi, my name is Peter. They crucified me on a cross upside down.”

“Hi, my name is Stephen. They smashed my head in with rocks.”

“Hi, my name is Polycarp. They tried to burn me at the stake but I didn’t catch on fire so they stabbed me to death”.

“Hi, my name is William Tyndale. They chocked me to death at the stake and then burned by body.”

“Hi, my name is Michael Brown. They told me that if I wanted my business to be able to accept government funds that I couldn’t fire people simply because of their sexual orientation.”

I left the movie theater wandering how a film with so many explosions could be so utterly boring.
Stritch was the kind of performer who one hopes will live forever, because she gave the impression that she just might.



can i marry him

but seriously, please watch this

do you see why I am still angry

the ending of the video I am screaming rn

Their Little Vanities




In the olden time, dressy blacks and dandy coloured beaux and belles, as we now see them issuing from their proper churches, were quite unknown.

Their aspirings and little vanities have been rapidly growing…

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